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About HCAG

Drips and Spatters is a forum for all things art. Primarily covering the visual arts and the happenings in and of Handy Concepts Art Gallery located in Red Lion, PA, we also strive to instill an appreciation for all art forms as they relate to each other. These include performing arts, culinary arts, the literary arts, and fine art crafts as well as the visual arts. Informative commentary is always welcome. 

Handy Concepts Art Gallery is a contemporary fine art gallery established in 2009. The gallery is dedicated to the promotion of regional and national artists, providing original fine art to established and emerging collectors and catering to special events in support of the arts and the community at large.

Cheryl Handy – I am the owner of Handy Concepts Art Gallery and one of the 30+ artists represented there. I am a painter who works in multiple media and all genre but my preferred genres are portraiture and figurative. I often wish that I could sculpt and maybe some day I’ll learn but in the mean time I am always open to experimenting with my painting and pushing myself to master my craft. I also wish I could sing but that will never happen 🙂  and I’m OK with that. Aside from the visual arts, my favorites are literary and dance. 

I hope you enjoy what I have to offer here. I look forward to your comments.


Let me know your thoughts.

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